Testing Tint

Tint has multiple levels of testing:

  • Unit tests, using the Googletest framework. These are the lowest level tests, comprehensively checking functionality of internal functions and classes. The test code is inside the Tint source tree in files with names ending in _test.cc

    To run them, build the tint_unittests target to produce the tint_unittests executable, and then run the executable.

    The tint_unittests executable supports all the standard Googletest command line options, e.g. using filters to run only a subset of the tests. See Running Test Programs: Advanced Options

  • End-to-end tests. These test the whole compiler flow, translating source shaders to output shaders in various languages, and optionally checking the text of diagnostics. See Tint end-to-end tests.

  • WebGPU Conformance Test Suite (CTS). The WebGPU CTS has both validation and execution tests, in the webgpu:shader hierarchy. See https://github.com/gpuweb/cts All test can be run in Chrome, and many tests can be run via dawn.node, the Dawn bindings for NodeJS.