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// Copyright 2018 The Dawn Authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "dawn/common/vulkan_platform.h"
#include "dawn/native/PassResourceUsage.h"
#include "dawn/native/ResourceMemoryAllocation.h"
#include "dawn/native/Texture.h"
#include "dawn/native/vulkan/ExternalHandle.h"
#include "dawn/native/vulkan/external_memory/MemoryService.h"
#include "dawn/native/vulkan/external_semaphore/SemaphoreService.h"
namespace dawn::native::vulkan {
struct CommandRecordingContext;
class Device;
class Texture;
VkFormat VulkanImageFormat(const Device* device, wgpu::TextureFormat format);
VkImageUsageFlags VulkanImageUsage(wgpu::TextureUsage usage, const Format& format);
VkImageLayout VulkanImageLayout(const Texture* texture, wgpu::TextureUsage usage);
VkSampleCountFlagBits VulkanSampleCount(uint32_t sampleCount);
MaybeError ValidateVulkanImageCanBeWrapped(const DeviceBase* device,
const TextureDescriptor* descriptor);
bool IsSampleCountSupported(const dawn::native::vulkan::Device* device,
const VkImageCreateInfo& imageCreateInfo);
class Texture final : public TextureBase {
// Used to create a regular texture from a descriptor.
static ResultOrError<Ref<Texture>> Create(Device* device,
const TextureDescriptor* descriptor,
VkImageUsageFlags extraUsages = 0);
// Creates a texture and initializes it with a VkImage that references an external memory
// object. Before the texture can be used, the VkDeviceMemory associated with the external
// image must be bound via Texture::BindExternalMemory.
static ResultOrError<Texture*> CreateFromExternal(
Device* device,
const ExternalImageDescriptorVk* descriptor,
const TextureDescriptor* textureDescriptor,
external_memory::Service* externalMemoryService);
// Creates a texture that wraps a swapchain-allocated VkImage.
static Ref<Texture> CreateForSwapChain(Device* device,
const TextureDescriptor* descriptor,
VkImage nativeImage);
VkImage GetHandle() const;
// Returns the aspects used for tracking of Vulkan state. These can be the combined aspects.
Aspect GetDisjointVulkanAspects() const;
// Transitions the texture to be used as `usage`, recording any necessary barrier in
// `commands`.
// TODO( coalesce barriers and do them early when possible.
void TransitionUsageNow(CommandRecordingContext* recordingContext,
wgpu::TextureUsage usage,
const SubresourceRange& range);
void TransitionUsageForPass(CommandRecordingContext* recordingContext,
const TextureSubresourceUsage& textureUsages,
std::vector<VkImageMemoryBarrier>* imageBarriers,
VkPipelineStageFlags* srcStages,
VkPipelineStageFlags* dstStages);
// Eagerly transition the texture for export.
void TransitionEagerlyForExport(CommandRecordingContext* recordingContext);
std::vector<VkSemaphore> AcquireWaitRequirements();
MaybeError EnsureSubresourceContentInitialized(CommandRecordingContext* recordingContext,
const SubresourceRange& range);
VkImageLayout GetCurrentLayoutForSwapChain() const;
// Binds externally allocated memory to the VkImage and on success, takes ownership of
// semaphores.
MaybeError BindExternalMemory(const ExternalImageDescriptorVk* descriptor,
VkDeviceMemory externalMemoryAllocation,
std::vector<VkSemaphore> waitSemaphores);
// Update the 'ExternalSemaphoreHandle' to be used for export with the newly submitted one.
void UpdateExternalSemaphoreHandle(ExternalSemaphoreHandle handle);
MaybeError ExportExternalTexture(VkImageLayout desiredLayout,
ExternalSemaphoreHandle* handle,
VkImageLayout* releasedOldLayout,
VkImageLayout* releasedNewLayout);
void SetLabelHelper(const char* prefix);
// Dawn API
void SetLabelImpl() override;
~Texture() override;
Texture(Device* device, const TextureDescriptor* descriptor);
MaybeError InitializeAsInternalTexture(VkImageUsageFlags extraUsages);
MaybeError InitializeFromExternal(const ExternalImageDescriptorVk* descriptor,
external_memory::Service* externalMemoryService);
void InitializeForSwapChain(VkImage nativeImage);
void DestroyImpl() override;
MaybeError ClearTexture(CommandRecordingContext* recordingContext,
const SubresourceRange& range,
// Implementation details of the barrier computations for the texture.
void TransitionUsageAndGetResourceBarrier(wgpu::TextureUsage usage,
const SubresourceRange& range,
std::vector<VkImageMemoryBarrier>* imageBarriers,
VkPipelineStageFlags* srcStages,
VkPipelineStageFlags* dstStages);
void TransitionUsageForPassImpl(CommandRecordingContext* recordingContext,
const SubresourceStorage<wgpu::TextureUsage>& subresourceUsages,
std::vector<VkImageMemoryBarrier>* imageBarriers,
VkPipelineStageFlags* srcStages,
VkPipelineStageFlags* dstStages);
void TransitionUsageAndGetResourceBarrierImpl(wgpu::TextureUsage usage,
const SubresourceRange& range,
std::vector<VkImageMemoryBarrier>* imageBarriers,
VkPipelineStageFlags* srcStages,
VkPipelineStageFlags* dstStages);
void TweakTransitionForExternalUsage(CommandRecordingContext* recordingContext,
std::vector<VkImageMemoryBarrier>* barriers,
size_t transitionBarrierStart);
bool CanReuseWithoutBarrier(wgpu::TextureUsage lastUsage, wgpu::TextureUsage usage);
VkImage mHandle = VK_NULL_HANDLE;
bool mOwnsHandle = false;
ResourceMemoryAllocation mMemoryAllocation;
VkDeviceMemory mExternalAllocation = VK_NULL_HANDLE;
// The states of an external texture:
// InternalOnly: Not initialized as an external texture yet.
// PendingAcquire: Intialized as an external texture already, but unavailable for access yet.
// Acquired: Ready for access.
// EagerlyTransitioned: The texture has ever been used, and eagerly transitioned for export.
// Now it can be acquired for access again, or directly exported. Released: The texture has
// been destoried, and should no longer be used.
enum class ExternalState {
ExternalState mExternalState = ExternalState::InternalOnly;
ExternalState mLastExternalState = ExternalState::InternalOnly;
uint32_t mExportQueueFamilyIndex = VK_QUEUE_FAMILY_EXTERNAL_KHR;
VkImageLayout mPendingAcquireOldLayout;
VkImageLayout mPendingAcquireNewLayout;
VkImageLayout mDesiredExportLayout = VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_UNDEFINED;
ExternalSemaphoreHandle mExternalSemaphoreHandle = kNullExternalSemaphoreHandle;
std::vector<VkSemaphore> mWaitRequirements;
// Sometimes the WebGPU aspects don't directly map to Vulkan aspects:
// - In early Vulkan versions it is not possible to transition depth and stencil separetely so
// textures with Depth|Stencil will be promoted to a single CombinedDepthStencil aspect
// internally.
// - Some multiplanar images cannot have planes transitioned separately and instead Vulkan
// requires that the "Color" aspect be used for barriers, so Plane0|Plane1 is promoted to
// just Color.
// This variable, if not Aspect::None, is the combined aspect to use for all transitions.
const Aspect mCombinedAspect;
SubresourceStorage<wgpu::TextureUsage> mSubresourceLastUsages;
bool UseCombinedAspects() const;
class TextureView final : public TextureViewBase {
static ResultOrError<Ref<TextureView>> Create(TextureBase* texture,
const TextureViewDescriptor* descriptor);
VkImageView GetHandle() const;
VkImageView GetHandleForBGRA8UnormStorage() const;
~TextureView() override;
void DestroyImpl() override;
using TextureViewBase::TextureViewBase;
MaybeError Initialize(const TextureViewDescriptor* descriptor);
// Dawn API
void SetLabelImpl() override;
VkImageView mHandle = VK_NULL_HANDLE;
VkImageView mHandleForBGRA8UnormStorage = VK_NULL_HANDLE;
} // namespace dawn::native::vulkan