Remove QueueWriteBufferTests.ManyWriteBuffer on Intel Vulkan

This issue has been fixed in the Mesa version that's on the bots.
Bug: chromium:980737
Change-Id: I5e6ec58344fb065c12ba0ca6a3cad1468dd7df11
Reviewed-by: Corentin Wallez <>
Commit-Queue: Corentin Wallez <>
diff --git a/src/tests/end2end/QueueTests.cpp b/src/tests/end2end/QueueTests.cpp
index 1ed3fab..3d19670 100644
--- a/src/tests/end2end/QueueTests.cpp
+++ b/src/tests/end2end/QueueTests.cpp
@@ -112,8 +112,6 @@
     // fails the test. Since GPUs may or may not complete by then, this test must be disabled OR
     // modified to be well-below the timeout limit.
-    // TODO ( find out why this test fails on Intel Vulkan Linux bots.
-    DAWN_SKIP_TEST_IF(IsIntel() && IsVulkan() && IsLinux());
     // TODO( Re-enable
     // once the issue with Metal on 10.14.6 is fixed.
     DAWN_SKIP_TEST_IF(IsMacOS() && IsIntel() && IsMetal());