Running the WebGPU CTS Locally with Chrome

Running the WebGPU CTS locally with Chrome requires a Chromium checkout.

Follow these instructions for checking out and building Chrome. You'll also need to build the telemetry_gpu_integration_test target.

At the root of a Chromium checkout, run: ./content/test/gpu/ webgpu_cts --browser=exact --browser-executable=path/to/your/chrome-executable

If you don't want to build Chrome, you can still run the CTS, by passing the path to an existing Chrome executable to the --browser-executable argument. You should still build the telemetry_gpu_integration_test target to support all harness functionality.

Useful command-line arguments:

  • -l: List all tests that would be run.
  • --test-filter: Filter tests. Run --help for more information.
  • --help: See more options.
  • --passthrough --show-stdout: Show browser output. See also --browser-logging-verbosity.
  • --extra-browser-args: Pass extra args to the browser executable.
  • --is-backend-validation: Enable backend validation. TODO: rename this to --backend-validation.