Shader features

New shader features require the extensions to be enabled at device creation in addition to adding a enable directive in the WGSL. This file regroups the documentation for all the Dawn-specific shader-only features.


This adds support for the [chromium_experimental_subgroups](Link to do) WGSL enable. Currently used to investigate subgroup functionality and not for general use.

It also provides the wgpu::DawnExperimentalSubgroupLimits structure used to gather data about the subgroup minimum and maximum size on the device. (the limit cannot be changed when requesting a device) wgpu::DawnExperimentalSubgroupLimits is populated by chaining it to the wgpu::SupportedLimits in the calls to wgpu::Adapter::GetLimits and wgpu::Device::GetLimits.


Used to expose that the device supports VK_KHR_shader_subgroup_uniform_control_flow. This is only for use in the investigation of subgroup functionality.