Query API: Record used query index in command encoder

- There are some methods need to know which query indexes are used in
encoders: endOcclusionQuery, endPipelineStatisticsQuery, resolveQuerySet.
- On Vulkan, we also need to use the used query indexes to reset each
queries between uses. And because the reset command must be called
outside render pass, we need to check whether a query index is writen
twice on command encoder and render/compute encoders.
- Add validation on writeTimestamp for duplicate writes at same index.

Bug: dawn:434
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Dawn, a WebGPU implementation

Dawn is an open-source and cross-platform implementation of the work-in-progress WebGPU standard. More precisely it implements webgpu.h that is a one-to-one mapping with the WebGPU IDL. Dawn is meant to be integrated as part of a larger system and is the underlying implementation of WebGPU in Chromium.

Dawn provides several WebGPU building blocks:

  • WebGPU C/C++ headers that applications and other building blocks use.
    • The webgpu.h version that Dawn implements.
    • A C++ wrapper for the webgpu.h.
  • A “native” implementation of WebGPU using platforms' GPU APIs:
    • D3D12 on Windows 10
    • Metal on macOS and iOS
    • Vulkan on Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Android and Fuchsia
    • OpenGL as best effort where available
  • A client-server implementation of WebGPU for applications that are in a sandbox without access to native drivers

Helpful links:

Documentation table of content

Developer documentation:

User documentation: (TODO, figure out what overlaps with webgpu.h docs)




Apache 2.0 Public License, please see LICENSE.


This is not an officially supported Google product.