Rolled third_party/dawn

Roll third_party/dawn/ 18ac67fc7..6ed49808e (246 commits; 5 trivial rolls)

$ git log 18ac67fc7..6ed49808e --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2023-11-28 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from 716c5d00b8b6 to f2aee23fc356 (2 revisions)
2023-11-28 andre Only load SPIRV validation header when needed
2023-11-28 bclayton [tint][wgsl] Migrate IR roundtrip fuzzer to be an IR fuzzer
2023-11-28 bclayton [tint][fuzz] Add an IR fuzzer framework
2023-11-28 bclayton [tint][spirv] Add a SPIR-V writer fuzzer from AST
2023-11-28 bclayton [tint][spirv] Add validate library
2023-11-28 jiawei.shao D3D11: Implement Pixel Local Storage
2023-11-28 jie.a.chen Fix FD leaks in VideoViewsTests on CROS
2023-11-28 enga Implement queue-related futures on Vulkan
2023-11-28 dawn-autoroll Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from 5d5a940fdb25 to 426f6cbbbec7 (2 revisions)
2023-11-28 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from ea8238935e4d to 716c5d00b8b6 (7 revisions)
2023-11-27 bajones Suppress writeTimestamp CTS failure
2023-11-27 senorblanco Only build ANGLE for dawn_end2end_tests.
2023-11-27 dawn-autoroll Roll SwiftShader from 50dbfc35468c to 35b1a501141a (1 revision)
2023-11-27 dsinclair [ir][msl] Run existing transforms which are required.
2023-11-27 enga Add WGPUAdapterPropertiesMemoryHeaps
2023-11-27 dawn-autoroll Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from f2dd3e33cd12 to 5d5a940fdb25 (1 revision)
2023-11-27 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from 9a70fc904664 to ea8238935e4d (1 revision)
2023-11-27 jiawei.shao Remove chromium_experimental_read_write_storage_texture from Tint
2023-11-27 dsinclair [ir][msl] Add support for fragment inputs
2023-11-27 dsinclair [ir][msl] Add thread and threadgroup position.
2023-11-27 dsinclair [ir][msl] Fix const of non-entrypoint pointers
2023-11-27 dsinclair [ir] Shuffle around function e2e tests
2023-11-26 dsinclair [ir][msl] Update expected
2023-11-26 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from 2e96f5c2b566 to 860dca03b6e7 (1 revision)
2023-11-25 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from 1bdb403899f2 to 9a70fc904664 (1 revision)
2023-11-25 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from 95073d786075 to 2e96f5c2b566 (1 revision)
2023-11-25 chrome-automated-expectation Remove stale WebGPU CTS expectations
2023-11-25 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from bb7ac1825855 to 1bdb403899f2 (2 revisions)
2023-11-25 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from 2ddf0aa40843 to 95073d786075 (2 revisions)
2023-11-24 blundell Add multiplanar usages to SharedTextureMemory if supported by Device
2023-11-24 blundell Mark SharedTextureMemory/SharedFence as supported on the wire
2023-11-24 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from a5e8f86ab0b9 to bb7ac1825855 (3 revisions)
2023-11-24 dawn-autoroll Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from b32b169bd36a to f2dd3e33cd12 (1 revision)
2023-11-24 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from f0dc22ba8111 to 2ddf0aa40843 (1 revision)
2023-11-24 dsinclair [ir][msl] Emit some core builtins.
2023-11-24 beaufort.francois Implement entryPoint defaulting
2023-11-24 jiawei.shao Fix TINT_FOREACH_13, _14 and _15
2023-11-24 blundell [SharedTextureMemory] Do per-format restrictions in frontend
2023-11-23 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from fba482b7107c to a5e8f86ab0b9 (1 revision)
2023-11-23 dneto Generate end-to-end WGSL tests from wgsl.def
2023-11-23 andre [tint] Fix Bazel config_setting_group definition
2023-11-23 dsinclair [ir] Lower IR before dumping.
2023-11-23 senorblanco Compat CTS: make nvidia suppressions generic.
2023-11-23 bajones Fix timestamp queries on Android
2023-11-23 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from 05e2e582257c to f0dc22ba8111 (1 revision)
2023-11-23 amaiorano Add building DXC support to CMake
2023-11-23 dsinclair [ir][msl] Emit swizzle, load/store vector element instructions
2023-11-23 dsinclair Add switch end-to-end tests.
2023-11-23 dsinclair [ir] Rename InstructionResult::Source.
2023-11-15 dsinclair Use result type to handle diagnostics
2023-11-15 dsinclair Rename option_builder to option_helpers.
2023-11-15 dsinclair Using binding information for MSL/Tint interface
2023-11-14 dawn-autoroll Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from ba90e249dfd6 to bdd7d9b0b9e8 (1 revision)
2023-11-14 ynovikov Update VUID suppressions
2023-11-14 cwallez Add documentation for chromium_experimental_framebuffer_fetch
2023-11-14 cwallez Initial FramebufferFetch support on Metal.
2023-11-14 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from b12d4867b1fb to 81e3ecff1c85 (2 revisions)
2023-11-14 cwallez Add validation for Framebuffer Fetch
2023-11-14 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from c9031880b75b to caa4d167abe6 (5 revisions)
2023-11-14 cwallez Fix a test TODO to check depthWrite/Compare must be default if no depth
2023-11-14 dawn-automated-expectations Roll third_party/webgpu-cts/ 7ca54d7b3..0e06340de (1 commit)
2023-11-14 dawn-autoroll Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from 3fdcaf9688d5 to ba90e249dfd6 (1 revision)
2023-11-14 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from 1819b4495440 to b12d4867b1fb (9 revisions)
2023-11-14 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from 855191177ccd to c9031880b75b (3 revisions)
2023-11-13 dawn-autoroll Roll SwiftShader from 4a62a93e27d9 to 50dbfc35468c (1 revision)
2023-11-13 cwallez dawn.node: Use utf16 compilation info
2023-11-13 bclayton [tint][wgsl] Fix ICE in SingleEntryPoint transform
2023-11-13 enga Notify the WebGPU gardener on CTS roller / CI failure
2023-11-13 senorblanco Compat CTS: group Intel memory_sync failures.
2023-11-13 bclayton DEPS: Update node to 20.9.0
2023-11-13 cwallez dawn.node: Support maxBindGroupsPlusVertexBuffers
2023-11-13 dawn-autoroll Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from 89710e569423 to 3fdcaf9688d5 (1 revision)
2023-11-13 bclayton clang-format
2023-11-13 bclayton [tint][core] Fix return type of HashCode()
2023-11-13 senorblanco Compat CTS: remove unexpected passes.
2023-11-13 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from 2da62237b0ac to 1819b4495440 (1 revision)
2023-11-13 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from 5439bbeeed44 to 855191177ccd (1 revision)
2023-11-13 cwallez dawn.node: Fix GPUTexture/Buffer.usage getter.
2023-11-13 jiawei.shao Tint/HLSL: Don't pack level in coords for textureLoad on read-write storage textures
2023-11-13 jiawei.shao Tint/HLSL: Implement AST transform for pixel local variables
2023-11-13 senorblanco Compat CTS: suppress moar Intel failures.
2023-11-12 senorblanco Compat CTS: add suppressions for new regressions.
2023-11-12 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from e2f549dd548d to 5439bbeeed44 (3 revisions)
2023-11-11 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from ade3dacd7168 to 2da62237b0ac (1 revision)
2023-11-11 bclayton [tint][gn] Hook up tint_info to the build
2023-11-11 bclayton [tint][resolver] Add validation test for @color and @location
2023-11-11 bclayton [tint][transform] Update CanonicalizeEntryPointIO tests
2023-11-11 bclayton [tint][wgsl] Parse @color
2023-11-11 bclayton [tint][msl] Implement chromium_experimental_framebuffer_fetch
2023-11-11 bclayton [tint] Regenerate IR SKIP expectations
2023-11-11 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from c64e9fc18e61 to e2f549dd548d (10 revisions)
2023-11-11 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from e5119649a6c9 to ade3dacd7168 (7 revisions)
2023-11-11 dawn-autoroll Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from 8d3854982149 to 89710e569423 (1 revision)
2023-11-11 chrome-automated-expectation Remove stale WebGPU CTS expectations
2023-11-11 senorblanco Compat CTS: gardening after Shrek's image_copy fix.
2023-11-10 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from 1b3bc53dbf39 to c64e9fc18e61 (4 revisions)
2023-11-10 penghuang d3d11: check debug layer for shared d3d11 device
2023-11-10 senorblanco Compat CTS: tidy readbackFromWebGPUCanvas issues.
2023-11-10 shrekshao Compat: Fix BlitTextureToBuffer for compat texture view requirement

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Matrix Space

Dawn Samples


Samples for the Dawn library

Dawn is an open-source and cross-platform implementation of the WebGPU standard. More precisely it implements webgpu.h that is a one-to-one mapping with the WebGPU IDL.


BSD 3-Clause License, please see LICENSE.


This is not an officially supported Google product.