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// Copyright 2020 The Tint Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "src/ast/expression.h"
namespace tint {
namespace ast {
/// The operator type
enum class BinaryOp {
kNone = 0,
kAnd, // &
kOr, // |
kLogicalAnd, // &&
kLogicalOr, // ||
/// An binary expression
class BinaryExpression : public Castable<BinaryExpression, Expression> {
/// Constructor
/// @param program_id the identifier of the program that owns this node
/// @param source the binary expression source
/// @param op the operation type
/// @param lhs the left side of the expression
/// @param rhs the right side of the expression
BinaryExpression(ProgramID program_id,
const Source& source,
BinaryOp op,
Expression* lhs,
Expression* rhs);
/// Move constructor
~BinaryExpression() override;
/// @returns the binary op type
BinaryOp op() const { return op_; }
/// @returns true if the op is and
bool IsAnd() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kAnd; }
/// @returns true if the op is or
bool IsOr() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kOr; }
/// @returns true if the op is xor
bool IsXor() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kXor; }
/// @returns true if the op is logical and
bool IsLogicalAnd() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kLogicalAnd; }
/// @returns true if the op is logical or
bool IsLogicalOr() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kLogicalOr; }
/// @returns true if the op is equal
bool IsEqual() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kEqual; }
/// @returns true if the op is not equal
bool IsNotEqual() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kNotEqual; }
/// @returns true if the op is less than
bool IsLessThan() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kLessThan; }
/// @returns true if the op is greater than
bool IsGreaterThan() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kGreaterThan; }
/// @returns true if the op is less than equal
bool IsLessThanEqual() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kLessThanEqual; }
/// @returns true if the op is greater than equal
bool IsGreaterThanEqual() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kGreaterThanEqual; }
/// @returns true if the op is shift left
bool IsShiftLeft() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kShiftLeft; }
/// @returns true if the op is shift right
bool IsShiftRight() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kShiftRight; }
/// @returns true if the op is add
bool IsAdd() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kAdd; }
/// @returns true if the op is subtract
bool IsSubtract() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kSubtract; }
/// @returns true if the op is multiply
bool IsMultiply() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kMultiply; }
/// @returns true if the op is divide
bool IsDivide() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kDivide; }
/// @returns true if the op is modulo
bool IsModulo() const { return op_ == BinaryOp::kModulo; }
/// @returns true if the op is an arithmetic operation
bool IsArithmetic() const;
/// @returns true if the op is a comparison operation
bool IsComparison() const;
/// @returns true if the op is a bitwise operation
bool IsBitwise() const;
/// @returns true if the op is a bit shift operation
bool IsBitshift() const;
/// @returns the left side expression
Expression* lhs() const { return lhs_; }
/// @returns the right side expression
Expression* rhs() const { return rhs_; }
/// Clones this node and all transitive child nodes using the `CloneContext`
/// `ctx`.
/// @param ctx the clone context
/// @return the newly cloned node
BinaryExpression* Clone(CloneContext* ctx) const override;
/// Writes a representation of the node to the output stream
/// @param sem the semantic info for the program
/// @param out the stream to write to
/// @param indent number of spaces to indent the node when writing
void to_str(const sem::Info& sem,
std::ostream& out,
size_t indent) const override;
BinaryExpression(const BinaryExpression&) = delete;
BinaryOp const op_;
Expression* const lhs_;
Expression* const rhs_;
inline bool BinaryExpression::IsArithmetic() const {
switch (op_) {
case ast::BinaryOp::kAdd:
case ast::BinaryOp::kSubtract:
case ast::BinaryOp::kMultiply:
case ast::BinaryOp::kDivide:
case ast::BinaryOp::kModulo:
return true;
return false;
inline bool BinaryExpression::IsComparison() const {
switch (op_) {
case ast::BinaryOp::kEqual:
case ast::BinaryOp::kNotEqual:
case ast::BinaryOp::kLessThan:
case ast::BinaryOp::kLessThanEqual:
case ast::BinaryOp::kGreaterThan:
case ast::BinaryOp::kGreaterThanEqual:
return true;
return false;
inline bool BinaryExpression::IsBitwise() const {
switch (op_) {
case ast::BinaryOp::kAnd:
case ast::BinaryOp::kOr:
case ast::BinaryOp::kXor:
return true;
return false;
inline bool BinaryExpression::IsBitshift() const {
switch (op_) {
case ast::BinaryOp::kShiftLeft:
case ast::BinaryOp::kShiftRight:
return true;
return false;
/// @returns the human readable name of the given BinaryOp
/// @param op the BinaryOp
constexpr const char* FriendlyName(BinaryOp op) {
switch (op) {
case BinaryOp::kNone:
return "none";
case BinaryOp::kAnd:
return "and";
case BinaryOp::kOr:
return "or";
case BinaryOp::kXor:
return "xor";
case BinaryOp::kLogicalAnd:
return "logical_and";
case BinaryOp::kLogicalOr:
return "logical_or";
case BinaryOp::kEqual:
return "equal";
case BinaryOp::kNotEqual:
return "not_equal";
case BinaryOp::kLessThan:
return "less_than";
case BinaryOp::kGreaterThan:
return "greater_than";
case BinaryOp::kLessThanEqual:
return "less_than_equal";
case BinaryOp::kGreaterThanEqual:
return "greater_than_equal";
case BinaryOp::kShiftLeft:
return "shift_left";
case BinaryOp::kShiftRight:
return "shift_right";
case BinaryOp::kAdd:
return "add";
case BinaryOp::kSubtract:
return "subtract";
case BinaryOp::kMultiply:
return "multiply";
case BinaryOp::kDivide:
return "divide";
case BinaryOp::kModulo:
return "modulo";
return "INVALID";
/// @param out the std::ostream to write to
/// @param op the BinaryOp
/// @return the std::ostream so calls can be chained
inline std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& out, BinaryOp op) {
out << FriendlyName(op);
return out;
} // namespace ast
} // namespace tint