SPIR-V Reader

This component translates SPIR-V written for Vulkan into the Tint AST.

The SPIR-V reader entry point is tint::reader::spirv::Parser, which implements the Reader interface in tint::reader::Reader.

It's usable from the Tint command line:

# Translate SPIR-V into WGSL.
tint --format wgsl a.spv

Supported dialects

The SPIR-V module must pass validation for the Vulkan 1.1 environment in SPIRV-Tools. In particular, SPIR-V 1.4 and later are not supported.

For example, the equivalent of the following must pass:

spirv-val --target-env vulkan1.1 a.spv

Additionally, the reader imposes additional constraints based on:

  • The features supported by WGSL. Some Vulkan features might not be supportable because WebGPU must be portable to other graphics APIs.
  • Limitations of the reader itself. These might be relaxed in the future with extra engineering work.


Please file issues at https://crbug.com/tint, and apply label SpirvReader.

Outstanding issues can be found by using the SpirvReader label in the Chromium project's bug tracker: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/tint/issues/list?q=label:SpirvReader