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// Copyright 2020 The Tint Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "src/tint/reader/wgsl/token.h"
namespace tint::reader::wgsl {
// static
std::string_view Token::TypeToName(Type type) {
switch (type) {
case Token::Type::kError:
return "error";
case Token::Type::kEOF:
return "end of file";
case Token::Type::kIdentifier:
return "identifier";
case Token::Type::kFloatLiteral:
return "abstract float literal";
case Token::Type::kFloatLiteral_F:
return "'f'-suffixed float literal";
case Token::Type::kFloatLiteral_H:
return "'h'-suffixed float literal";
case Token::Type::kIntLiteral:
return "abstract integer literal";
case Token::Type::kIntLiteral_I:
return "'i'-suffixed integer literal";
case Token::Type::kIntLiteral_U:
return "'u'-suffixed integer literal";
case Token::Type::kUninitialized:
return "uninitialized";
case Token::Type::kAnd:
return "&";
case Token::Type::kAndAnd:
return "&&";
case Token::Type::kArrow:
return "->";
case Token::Type::kAttr:
return "@";
case Token::Type::kForwardSlash:
return "/";
case Token::Type::kBang:
return "!";
case Token::Type::kBracketLeft:
return "[";
case Token::Type::kBracketRight:
return "]";
case Token::Type::kBraceLeft:
return "{";
case Token::Type::kBraceRight:
return "}";
case Token::Type::kColon:
return ":";
case Token::Type::kComma:
return ",";
case Token::Type::kEqual:
return "=";
case Token::Type::kEqualEqual:
return "==";
case Token::Type::kGreaterThan:
return ">";
case Token::Type::kGreaterThanEqual:
return ">=";
case Token::Type::kShiftRight:
return ">>";
case Token::Type::kLessThan:
return "<";
case Token::Type::kLessThanEqual:
return "<=";
case Token::Type::kShiftLeft:
return "<<";
case Token::Type::kMod:
return "%";
case Token::Type::kNotEqual:
return "!=";
case Token::Type::kMinus:
return "-";
case Token::Type::kMinusMinus:
return "--";
case Token::Type::kPeriod:
return ".";
case Token::Type::kPlus:
return "+";
case Token::Type::kPlusPlus:
return "++";
case Token::Type::kOr:
return "|";
case Token::Type::kOrOr:
return "||";
case Token::Type::kParenLeft:
return "(";
case Token::Type::kParenRight:
return ")";
case Token::Type::kSemicolon:
return ";";
case Token::Type::kStar:
return "*";
case Token::Type::kTilde:
return "~";
case Token::Type::kUnderscore:
return "_";
case Token::Type::kXor:
return "^";
case Token::Type::kPlusEqual:
return "+=";
case Token::Type::kMinusEqual:
return "-=";
case Token::Type::kTimesEqual:
return "*=";
case Token::Type::kDivisionEqual:
return "/=";
case Token::Type::kModuloEqual:
return "%=";
case Token::Type::kAndEqual:
return "&=";
case Token::Type::kOrEqual:
return "|=";
case Token::Type::kXorEqual:
return "^=";
case Token::Type::kArray:
return "array";
case Token::Type::kAtomic:
return "atomic";
case Token::Type::kBitcast:
return "bitcast";
case Token::Type::kBool:
return "bool";
case Token::Type::kBreak:
return "break";
case Token::Type::kCase:
return "case";
case Token::Type::kContinue:
return "continue";
case Token::Type::kContinuing:
return "continuing";
case Token::Type::kDiscard:
return "discard";
case Token::Type::kDefault:
return "default";
case Token::Type::kElse:
return "else";
case Token::Type::kEnable:
return "enable";
case Token::Type::kF16:
return "f16";
case Token::Type::kF32:
return "f32";
case Token::Type::kFallthrough:
return "fallthrough";
case Token::Type::kFalse:
return "false";
case Token::Type::kFn:
return "fn";
case Token::Type::kFor:
return "for";
case Token::Type::kFunction:
return "function";
case Token::Type::kI32:
return "i32";
case Token::Type::kIf:
return "if";
case Token::Type::kImport:
return "import";
case Token::Type::kLet:
return "let";
case Token::Type::kLoop:
return "loop";
case Token::Type::kMat2x2:
return "mat2x2";
case Token::Type::kMat2x3:
return "mat2x3";
case Token::Type::kMat2x4:
return "mat2x4";
case Token::Type::kMat3x2:
return "mat3x2";
case Token::Type::kMat3x3:
return "mat3x3";
case Token::Type::kMat3x4:
return "mat3x4";
case Token::Type::kMat4x2:
return "mat4x2";
case Token::Type::kMat4x3:
return "mat4x3";
case Token::Type::kMat4x4:
return "mat4x4";
case Token::Type::kOverride:
return "override";
case Token::Type::kPrivate:
return "private";
case Token::Type::kPtr:
return "ptr";
case Token::Type::kReturn:
return "return";
case Token::Type::kSampler:
return "sampler";
case Token::Type::kComparisonSampler:
return "sampler_comparison";
case Token::Type::kStorage:
return "storage";
case Token::Type::kStruct:
return "struct";
case Token::Type::kSwitch:
return "switch";
case Token::Type::kTextureDepth2d:
return "texture_depth_2d";
case Token::Type::kTextureDepth2dArray:
return "texture_depth_2d_array";
case Token::Type::kTextureDepthCube:
return "texture_depth_cube";
case Token::Type::kTextureDepthCubeArray:
return "texture_depth_cube_array";
case Token::Type::kTextureDepthMultisampled2d:
return "texture_depth_multisampled_2d";
case Token::Type::kTextureExternal:
return "texture_external";
case Token::Type::kTextureMultisampled2d:
return "texture_multisampled_2d";
case Token::Type::kTextureSampled1d:
return "texture_1d";
case Token::Type::kTextureSampled2d:
return "texture_2d";
case Token::Type::kTextureSampled2dArray:
return "texture_2d_array";
case Token::Type::kTextureSampled3d:
return "texture_3d";
case Token::Type::kTextureSampledCube:
return "texture_cube";
case Token::Type::kTextureSampledCubeArray:
return "texture_cube_array";
case Token::Type::kTextureStorage1d:
return "texture_storage_1d";
case Token::Type::kTextureStorage2d:
return "texture_storage_2d";
case Token::Type::kTextureStorage2dArray:
return "texture_storage_2d_array";
case Token::Type::kTextureStorage3d:
return "texture_storage_3d";
case Token::Type::kTrue:
return "true";
case Token::Type::kType:
return "type";
case Token::Type::kU32:
return "u32";
case Token::Type::kUniform:
return "uniform";
case Token::Type::kVar:
return "var";
case Token::Type::kVec2:
return "vec2";
case Token::Type::kVec3:
return "vec3";
case Token::Type::kVec4:
return "vec4";
case Token::Type::kWorkgroup:
return "workgroup";
return "<unknown>";
Token::Token() : type_(Type::kUninitialized) {}
Token::Token(Type type, const Source& source, const std::string_view& view)
: type_(type), source_(source), value_(view) {}
Token::Token(Type type, const Source& source, const std::string& str)
: type_(type), source_(source), value_(str) {}
Token::Token(Type type, const Source& source, const char* str)
: type_(type), source_(source), value_(std::string_view(str)) {}
Token::Token(Type type, const Source& source, int64_t val)
: type_(type), source_(source), value_(val) {}
Token::Token(Type type, const Source& source, double val)
: type_(type), source_(source), value_(val) {}
Token::Token(Type type, const Source& source) : type_(type), source_(source) {}
Token::Token(Token&&) = default;
Token::Token(const Token&) = default;
Token::~Token() = default;
Token& Token::operator=(const Token& rhs) = default;
bool Token::operator==(std::string_view ident) {
if (type_ != Type::kIdentifier) {
return false;
if (auto* view = std::get_if<std::string_view>(&value_)) {
return *view == ident;
return std::get<std::string>(value_) == ident;
std::string Token::to_str() const {
switch (type_) {
case Type::kFloatLiteral:
return std::to_string(std::get<double>(value_));
case Type::kFloatLiteral_F:
return std::to_string(std::get<double>(value_)) + "f";
case Type::kFloatLiteral_H:
return std::to_string(std::get<double>(value_)) + "h";
case Type::kIntLiteral:
return std::to_string(std::get<int64_t>(value_));
case Type::kIntLiteral_I:
return std::to_string(std::get<int64_t>(value_)) + "i";
case Type::kIntLiteral_U:
return std::to_string(std::get<int64_t>(value_)) + "u";
case Type::kIdentifier:
case Type::kError:
if (auto* view = std::get_if<std::string_view>(&value_)) {
return std::string(*view);
return std::get<std::string>(value_);
return "";
double Token::to_f64() const {
return std::get<double>(value_);
int64_t Token::to_i64() const {
return std::get<int64_t>(value_);
} // namespace tint::reader::wgsl