Tint changes during Origin Trial

Changes for M97

Breaking Changes

  • Deprecated modf() and frexp() builtin overloads that take a pointer second parameter have been removed.
  • Deprecated texture builtin functions that accepted a read access controlled storage texture have been removed.
  • Storage textures must now only use the write access control.

Deprecated Features

  • The ignore() builtin has been replaced with phony-assignment. gpuweb#2127

New Features

  • any() and all() now support a bool parameter. These simply return the passed argument. tint:1253
  • Call statements may now include functions that return a value (ignore() is no longer needed).
  • The interpolate(flat) attribute can now be specified on integral user-defined IO. It will eventually become an error to define integral user-defined IO without this attribute.


  • Swizzling of vec3 types in storage and uniform buffers has been fixed for Metal 1.x. tint:1249

Changes for M95

New Features

  • The size of an array can now be defined using a non-overridable module-scope constant
  • The num_workgroups builtin is now supported.


  • Hex floats: now correctly errors when the magnitude is non-zero, and the exponent would cause overflow. tint:1150, tint:1166
  • Identifiers beginning with an underscore are now correctly rejected. tint:1179
  • abs() fixed for unsigned integers on SPIR-V backend tint:1179