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  - 25b7e98d1100f3dd5b261915867fc2fbf3dedae0 tint/writer/glsl: Inline constant expressions by Ben Clayton <>
  - 37d92ca244bfef3de3d6f550fef4cf8547186397 tint/spirv: Fix atomicCompareExchangeWeak by James Price <>
  - 7e495d8f2e06c7cea5813abb1cc5efbfe101faae tint/resolver: Implement candidate overload resolution by Ben Clayton <>
  - bfb5fd794c13e846e40a4cb89e7dc20fbc1275a9 tint/sem: Add more helpers to Constant by Ben Clayton <>
  - 8bd5fec4827798143c44422db34a378124a3bedd tint/writer/wgsl: Emit 'f' suffix on FloatLiteralExpressi... by Ben Clayton <>
  - 22bd00440900120d9245a3459cbf367a853e9e42 tint/resolver: Materialize RHS of non-phony assignments by Ben Clayton <>
  - 649d3d9602e46f59b4cd895ac4f40f74c43d109e tint/resolver: Materialize array size expression by Ben Clayton <>
  - 49a09140b9384da37715738cdb9fb45f93a14abd tint/resolver: Materialize array index expression by Ben Clayton <>
  - 08f4b557fcf03e7fa6fea0342fb47b7c194f27be Implement atomicCompareExchangeWeak returning struct inst... by Antonio Maiorano <>
  - 61537d3f57736c99aed0b0077a3229fca5b01ed9 tint: Add Checked[Add|Mul|Madd]() by Ben Clayton <>
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Note: This repo is read-only, minimized mirror of the Dawn repo.

Tint changes should be made in the Dawn repo.

Tint is a compiler for the WebGPU Shader Language (WGSL).

This is not an officially supported Google product.


  • Git
  • CMake (3.10.2 or later)
  • Ninja (or other build tool)
  • Python, for fetching dependencies
  • depot_tools in your path

Build options

  • TINT_BUILD_SPV_READER : enable the SPIR-V input reader (off by default)
  • TINT_BUILD_WGSL_READER : enable the WGSL input reader (on by default)
  • TINT_BUILD_SPV_WRITER : enable the SPIR-V output writer (on by default)
  • TINT_BUILD_WGSL_WRITER : enable the WGSL output writer (on by default)
  • TINT_BUILD_FUZZERS : enable building fuzzzers (off by default)


Tint uses Chromium dependency management so you need to install depot_tools and add it to your PATH.

Getting source & dependencies

# Clone the repo as "tint"
git clone tint
cd tint

# Bootstrap the gclient configuration
cp standalone.gclient .gclient

# Fetch external dependencies and toolchains with gclient
gclient sync

Compiling using CMake + Ninja

mkdir -p out/Debug
cd out/Debug
cmake -GNinja ../..
ninja # or autoninja

Compiling using CMake + make

mkdir -p out/Debug
cd out/Debug
cmake ../..
make # -j N for N-way parallel build

Compiling using gn + ninja

mkdir -p out/Debug
gn gen out/Debug
autoninja -C out/Debug

Fuzzers on MacOS

If you are attempting fuzz, using TINT_BUILD_FUZZERS=ON, the version of llvm in the XCode SDK does not have the needed libfuzzer functionality included.

The build error that you will see from using the XCode SDK will look something like this:

ld: file not found:/Applications/

The solution to this problem is to use a full version llvm, like what you would get via homebrew, brew install llvm, and use something like CC=<path to full clang> cmake .. to setup a build using that toolchain.

Checking [chromium-style] issues in CMake builds

The gn based work flow uses the Chromium toolchain for building in anticipation of integration of Tint into Chromium based projects. This toolchain has additional plugins for checking for style issues, which are marked with [chromium-style] in log messages. This means that this toolchain is more strict then the default clang toolchain.

In the future we will have a CQ that will build this work flow and flag issues automatically. Until that is in place, to avoid causing breakages you can run the [chromium-style] checks using the CMake based work flows. This requires setting CC to the version of clang checked out by gclient sync and setting the TINT_CHECK_CHROMIUM_STYLE to ON.

mkdir -p out/style
cd out/style
cmake ../..
CC=../../third_party/llvm-build/Release+Asserts/bin/clang cmake -DTINT_CHECK_CHROMIUM_STYLE=ON ../../ # add -GNinja for ninja builds


Please file any issues or feature requests at


Please see the contributing guide in the Dawn repo.