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#include <metal_stdlib>
using namespace metal;
struct main_out {
uint x_2_1;
uint x_4_1;
struct tint_symbol_2 {
uint x_1_param [[user(locn0)]];
uint x_3_param [[user(locn30)]];
struct tint_symbol_3 {
uint x_2_1 [[color(0)]];
uint x_4_1 [[color(40)]];
void main_1() {
fragment tint_symbol_3 tint_symbol(tint_symbol_2 tint_symbol_1 [[stage_in]]) {
thread uint tint_symbol_6 = 0u;
thread uint tint_symbol_7 = 0u;
thread uint tint_symbol_8 = 0u;
thread uint tint_symbol_9 = 0u;
uint const x_1_param = tint_symbol_1.x_1_param;
uint const x_3_param = tint_symbol_1.x_3_param;
tint_symbol_6 = x_1_param;
tint_symbol_7 = x_3_param;
main_out const tint_symbol_4 = {.x_2_1=tint_symbol_8, .x_4_1=tint_symbol_9};
tint_symbol_3 const tint_symbol_5 = {.x_2_1=tint_symbol_4.x_2_1, .x_4_1=tint_symbol_4.x_4_1};
return tint_symbol_5;
Compilation failed:
program_source:14:22: error: 'color' attribute parameter is out of bounds: must be between 0 and 7
uint x_4_1 [[color(40)]];
program_source:21:10: error: invalid return type 'tint_symbol_3' for fragment function
fragment tint_symbol_3 tint_symbol(tint_symbol_2 tint_symbol_1 [[stage_in]]) {