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//* Copyright 2017 The Dawn Authors
//* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
//* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
//* You may obtain a copy of the License at
//* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
//* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
//* WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
//* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
//* limitations under the License.
#include <dawn/webgpu.h>
#include "dawn_wire/BufferConsumer.h"
#include "dawn_wire/ObjectType_autogen.h"
#include "dawn_wire/WireResult.h"
namespace dawn_wire {
using ObjectId = uint32_t;
using ObjectGeneration = uint32_t;
struct ObjectHandle {
ObjectId id;
ObjectGeneration generation;
ObjectHandle(ObjectId id, ObjectGeneration generation);
ObjectHandle(const volatile ObjectHandle& rhs);
ObjectHandle& operator=(const volatile ObjectHandle& rhs);
// MSVC has a bug where it thinks the volatile copy assignment is a duplicate.
// Workaround this by forwarding to a different function AssignFrom.
template <typename T>
ObjectHandle& operator=(const T& rhs) {
return AssignFrom(rhs);
ObjectHandle& AssignFrom(const ObjectHandle& rhs);
ObjectHandle& AssignFrom(const volatile ObjectHandle& rhs);
// Interface to allocate more space to deserialize pointed-to data.
// nullptr is treated as an error.
class DeserializeAllocator {
virtual void* GetSpace(size_t size) = 0;
// Interface to convert an ID to a server object, if possible.
// Methods return FatalError if the ID is for a non-existent object and Success otherwise.
class ObjectIdResolver {
{% for type in by_category["object"] %}
virtual WireResult GetFromId(ObjectId id, {{as_cType(}}* out) const = 0;
virtual WireResult GetOptionalFromId(ObjectId id, {{as_cType(}}* out) const = 0;
{% endfor %}
// Interface to convert a client object to its ID for the wiring.
class ObjectIdProvider {
{% for type in by_category["object"] %}
virtual WireResult GetId({{as_cType(}} object, ObjectId* out) const = 0;
virtual WireResult GetOptionalId({{as_cType(}} object, ObjectId* out) const = 0;
{% endfor %}
//* Enum used as a prefix to each command on the wire format.
enum class WireCmd : uint32_t {
{% for command in cmd_records["command"] %}
{% endfor %}
//* Enum used as a prefix to each command on the return wire format.
enum class ReturnWireCmd : uint32_t {
{% for command in cmd_records["return command"] %}
{% endfor %}
struct CmdHeader {
uint64_t commandSize;
{% macro write_command_struct(command, is_return_command) %}
{% set Return = "Return" if is_return_command else "" %}
{% set Cmd = + "Cmd" %}
struct {{Return}}{{Cmd}} {
//* From a filled structure, compute how much size will be used in the serialization buffer.
size_t GetRequiredSize() const;
//* Serialize the structure and everything it points to into serializeBuffer which must be
//* big enough to contain all the data (as queried from GetRequiredSize).
{% if command.may_have_dawn_object %}
WireResult Serialize(size_t commandSize, SerializeBuffer* serializeBuffer, const ObjectIdProvider& objectIdProvider) const;
{% else %}
WireResult Serialize(size_t commandSize, SerializeBuffer* serializeBuffer) const;
// Override which drops the provider if it's not needed.
WireResult Serialize(size_t commandSize,
SerializeBuffer* serializeBuffer,
const ObjectIdProvider&) const {
return Serialize(commandSize, serializeBuffer);
{% endif %}
//* Deserializes the structure from a buffer, consuming a maximum of *size bytes. When this
//* function returns, buffer and size will be updated by the number of bytes consumed to
//* deserialize the structure. Structures containing pointers will use allocator to get
//* scratch space to deserialize the pointed-to data.
//* Deserialize returns:
//* - Success if everything went well (yay!)
//* - FatalError is something bad happened (buffer too small for example)
WireResult Deserialize(DeserializeBuffer* deserializeBuffer, DeserializeAllocator* allocator
{%- if command.may_have_dawn_object -%}
, const ObjectIdResolver& resolver
{%- endif -%}
{% if command.derived_method %}
//* Command handlers want to know the object ID in addition to the backing object.
//* Doesn't need to be filled before Serialize, or GetRequiredSize.
ObjectId selfId;
{% endif %}
{% for member in command.members %}
{% endfor %}
{% endmacro %}
{% for command in cmd_records["command"] %}
{{write_command_struct(command, False)}}
{% endfor %}
{% for command in cmd_records["return command"] %}
{{write_command_struct(command, True)}}
{% endfor %}
} // namespace dawn_wire