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// Copyright 2023 The Tint Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <string>
#include "src/tint/lang/wgsl/program/program.h"
#include "src/tint/lang/wgsl/sem/struct.h"
#include "src/tint/utils/generator/text_generator.h"
#include "src/tint/utils/text/string_stream.h"
// Forward declarations
namespace tint::core {
enum class BinaryOp;
namespace tint::ast {
class AssignmentStatement;
class Attribute;
class BinaryExpression;
class BitcastExpression;
class BlockStatement;
class BlockStatement;
class BreakIfStatement;
class BreakStatement;
class CallExpression;
class CaseStatement;
class CompoundAssignmentStatement;
class ConstAssert;
class ContinueStatement;
struct DiagnosticControl;
class DiscardStatement;
class Enable;
class Expression;
class ForLoopStatement;
class Function;
class Identifier;
class IdentifierExpression;
class IfStatement;
class IncrementDecrementStatement;
class IndexAccessorExpression;
class LiteralExpression;
class LoopStatement;
class MemberAccessorExpression;
class ReturnStatement;
class Statement;
class Statement;
class Statement;
class Struct;
class SwitchStatement;
class TypeDecl;
class UnaryOpExpression;
class Variable;
class WhileStatement;
} // namespace tint::ast
namespace tint::core {
enum class TexelFormat : uint8_t;
} // namespace tint::core
namespace tint::wgsl::writer {
/// Implementation class for AST generator
class SyntaxTreePrinter : public tint::TextGenerator {
/// Constructor
/// @param program the program
explicit SyntaxTreePrinter(const Program& program);
~SyntaxTreePrinter() override;
/// Generates the result data
/// @returns true on success.
bool Generate();
/// Handles generating a diagnostic control
/// @param diagnostic the diagnostic control node
void EmitDiagnosticControl(const ast::DiagnosticControl& diagnostic);
/// Handles generating an enable directive
/// @param enable the enable node
void EmitEnable(const ast::Enable* enable);
/// Handles generating a declared type
/// @param ty the declared type to generate
void EmitTypeDecl(const ast::TypeDecl* ty);
/// Handles an index accessor expression
/// @param expr the expression to emit
void EmitIndexAccessor(const ast::IndexAccessorExpression* expr);
/// Handles an assignment statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitAssign(const ast::AssignmentStatement* stmt);
/// Handles generating a binary expression
/// @param expr the binary expression
void EmitBinary(const ast::BinaryExpression* expr);
/// Handles generating a binary operator
/// @param op the binary operator
void EmitBinaryOp(const core::BinaryOp op);
/// Handles generating a bitcast expression
/// @param expr the bitcast expression
void EmitBitcast(const ast::BitcastExpression* expr);
/// Handles a block statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitBlock(const ast::BlockStatement* stmt);
/// Handles emitting the start of a block statement (including attributes)
/// @param stmt the block statement to emit the header for
void EmitBlockHeader(const ast::BlockStatement* stmt);
/// Handles a break statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitBreak(const ast::BreakStatement* stmt);
/// Handles a break-if statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitBreakIf(const ast::BreakIfStatement* stmt);
/// Handles generating a call expression
/// @param expr the call expression
void EmitCall(const ast::CallExpression* expr);
/// Handles a case statement
/// @param stmt the statement
void EmitCase(const ast::CaseStatement* stmt);
/// Handles a compound assignment statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitCompoundAssign(const ast::CompoundAssignmentStatement* stmt);
/// Handles generating a literal expression
/// @param expr the literal expression expression
void EmitLiteral(const ast::LiteralExpression* expr);
/// Handles a continue statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitContinue(const ast::ContinueStatement* stmt);
/// Handles generate an Expression
/// @param expr the expression
void EmitExpression(const ast::Expression* expr);
/// Handles generating a function
/// @param func the function to generate
void EmitFunction(const ast::Function* func);
/// Handles generating an identifier expression
/// @param expr the identifier expression
void EmitIdentifier(const ast::IdentifierExpression* expr);
/// Handles generating an identifier
/// @param ident the identifier
void EmitIdentifier(const ast::Identifier* ident);
/// Handles an if statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitIf(const ast::IfStatement* stmt);
/// Handles an increment/decrement statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitIncrementDecrement(const ast::IncrementDecrementStatement* stmt);
/// Handles generating a discard statement
/// @param stmt the discard statement
void EmitDiscard(const ast::DiscardStatement* stmt);
/// Handles a loop statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitLoop(const ast::LoopStatement* stmt);
/// Handles a for-loop statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitForLoop(const ast::ForLoopStatement* stmt);
/// Handles a while statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitWhile(const ast::WhileStatement* stmt);
/// Handles a member accessor expression
/// @param expr the member accessor expression
void EmitMemberAccessor(const ast::MemberAccessorExpression* expr);
/// Handles return statements
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitReturn(const ast::ReturnStatement* stmt);
/// Handles const assertion statements
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitConstAssert(const ast::ConstAssert* stmt);
/// Handles statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitStatement(const ast::Statement* stmt);
/// Handles a statement list
/// @param stmts the statements to emit
void EmitStatements(VectorRef<const ast::Statement*> stmts);
/// Handles a statement list with an increased indentation
/// @param stmts the statements to emit
void EmitStatementsWithIndent(VectorRef<const ast::Statement*> stmts);
/// Handles generating a switch statement
/// @param stmt the statement to emit
void EmitSwitch(const ast::SwitchStatement* stmt);
/// Handles generating a struct declaration
/// @param str the struct
void EmitStructType(const ast::Struct* str);
/// Handles emitting an image format
/// @param fmt the format to generate
void EmitImageFormat(const core::TexelFormat fmt);
/// Handles a unary op expression
/// @param expr the expression to emit
void EmitUnaryOp(const ast::UnaryOpExpression* expr);
/// Handles generating a variable
/// @param var the variable to generate
void EmitVariable(const ast::Variable* var);
/// Handles generating a attribute list
/// @param attrs the attribute list
void EmitAttributes(VectorRef<const ast::Attribute*> attrs);
const Program& program_;
} // namespace tint::wgsl::writer