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// Copyright 2017 The Dawn Authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "dawn_native/Error.h"
#include "dawn_native/Forward.h"
#include "dawn_native/ObjectBase.h"
#include "dawn_native/dawn_platform.h"
#include <vector>
namespace dawn_native {
MaybeError ValidateTextureDescriptor(const DeviceBase* device,
const TextureDescriptor* descriptor);
MaybeError ValidateTextureViewDescriptor(const TextureBase* texture,
const TextureViewDescriptor* descriptor);
TextureViewDescriptor GetTextureViewDescriptorWithDefaults(
const TextureBase* texture,
const TextureViewDescriptor* descriptor);
// TODO(dawn:22): Remove once migration from GPUTextureDescriptor.arrayLayerCount to
// GPUTextureDescriptor.size.depth is done.
ResultOrError<TextureDescriptor> FixTextureDescriptor(DeviceBase* device,
const TextureDescriptor* desc);
bool IsValidSampleCount(uint32_t sampleCount);
static constexpr wgpu::TextureUsage kReadOnlyTextureUsages =
wgpu::TextureUsage::CopySrc | wgpu::TextureUsage::Sampled | kReadonlyStorageTexture;
static constexpr wgpu::TextureUsage kWritableTextureUsages =
wgpu::TextureUsage::CopyDst | wgpu::TextureUsage::Storage |
struct SubresourceRange {
uint32_t baseMipLevel;
uint32_t levelCount;
uint32_t baseArrayLayer;
uint32_t layerCount;
static SubresourceRange SingleSubresource(uint32_t baseMipLevel, uint32_t baseArrayLayer);
class TextureBase : public ObjectBase {
enum class TextureState { OwnedInternal, OwnedExternal, Destroyed };
enum class ClearValue { Zero, NonZero };
TextureBase(DeviceBase* device, const TextureDescriptor* descriptor, TextureState state);
static TextureBase* MakeError(DeviceBase* device);
wgpu::TextureDimension GetDimension() const;
const Format& GetFormat() const;
const Extent3D& GetSize() const;
uint32_t GetWidth() const;
uint32_t GetHeight() const;
uint32_t GetDepth() const;
uint32_t GetArrayLayers() const;
uint32_t GetNumMipLevels() const;
SubresourceRange GetAllSubresources() const;
uint32_t GetSampleCount() const;
uint32_t GetSubresourceCount() const;
wgpu::TextureUsage GetUsage() const;
TextureState GetTextureState() const;
uint32_t GetSubresourceIndex(uint32_t mipLevel, uint32_t arraySlice) const;
bool IsSubresourceContentInitialized(const SubresourceRange& range) const;
void SetIsSubresourceContentInitialized(bool isInitialized, const SubresourceRange& range);
MaybeError ValidateCanUseInSubmitNow() const;
bool IsMultisampledTexture() const;
// For a texture with non-block-compressed texture format, its physical size is always equal
// to its virtual size. For a texture with block compressed texture format, the physical
// size is the one with paddings if necessary, which is always a multiple of the block size
// and used in texture copying. The virtual size is the one without paddings, which is not
// required to be a multiple of the block size and used in texture sampling.
Extent3D GetMipLevelPhysicalSize(uint32_t level) const;
Extent3D GetMipLevelVirtualSize(uint32_t level) const;
// Dawn API
TextureViewBase* CreateView(const TextureViewDescriptor* descriptor);
void Destroy();
void DestroyInternal();
TextureBase(DeviceBase* device, ObjectBase::ErrorTag tag);
virtual void DestroyImpl();
MaybeError ValidateDestroy() const;
wgpu::TextureDimension mDimension;
// TODO( This should be deduplicated in the Device
const Format& mFormat;
Extent3D mSize;
uint32_t mMipLevelCount;
uint32_t mSampleCount;
wgpu::TextureUsage mUsage = wgpu::TextureUsage::None;
TextureState mState;
// TODO( Use a more optimized data structure to save space
std::vector<bool> mIsSubresourceContentInitializedAtIndex;
class TextureViewBase : public ObjectBase {
TextureViewBase(TextureBase* texture, const TextureViewDescriptor* descriptor);
static TextureViewBase* MakeError(DeviceBase* device);
const TextureBase* GetTexture() const;
TextureBase* GetTexture();
const Format& GetFormat() const;
wgpu::TextureViewDimension GetDimension() const;
uint32_t GetBaseMipLevel() const;
uint32_t GetLevelCount() const;
uint32_t GetBaseArrayLayer() const;
uint32_t GetLayerCount() const;
const SubresourceRange& GetSubresourceRange() const;
TextureViewBase(DeviceBase* device, ObjectBase::ErrorTag tag);
Ref<TextureBase> mTexture;
// TODO( This should be deduplicated in the Device
const Format& mFormat;
wgpu::TextureViewDimension mDimension;
SubresourceRange mRange;
} // namespace dawn_native