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// Copyright 2023 The Dawn Authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <map>
#include <stack>
#include "dawn/common/StackContainer.h"
#include "dawn/common/WeakRef.h"
#include "dawn/common/WeakRefSupport.h"
#include "dawn/native/Error.h"
#include "dawn/native/IntegerTypes.h"
#include "dawn/native/ObjectBase.h"
#include "dawn/native/SharedFence.h"
#include "dawn/native/dawn_platform.h"
namespace dawn::native {
class SharedTextureMemoryContents;
struct SharedTextureMemoryDescriptor;
struct SharedTextureMemoryBeginAccessDescriptor;
struct SharedTextureMemoryEndAccessState;
struct SharedTextureMemoryProperties;
struct TextureDescriptor;
class SharedTextureMemoryBase : public ApiObjectBase,
public WeakRefSupport<SharedTextureMemoryBase> {
using BeginAccessDescriptor = SharedTextureMemoryBeginAccessDescriptor;
using EndAccessState = SharedTextureMemoryEndAccessState;
using PendingFenceList = StackVector<FenceAndSignalValue, 1>;
static SharedTextureMemoryBase* MakeError(DeviceBase* device,
const SharedTextureMemoryDescriptor* descriptor);
void Initialize();
void APIGetProperties(SharedTextureMemoryProperties* properties) const;
TextureBase* APICreateTexture(const TextureDescriptor* descriptor);
// Returns true if access was acquired. If it returns true, then APIEndAccess must
// be called to release access. Other errors may occur even if `true` is returned.
// Use an error scope to catch them.
bool APIBeginAccess(TextureBase* texture, const BeginAccessDescriptor* descriptor);
// Returns true if access was released.
bool APIEndAccess(TextureBase* texture, EndAccessState* state);
ObjectType GetType() const override;
SharedTextureMemoryContents* GetContents() const;
// Validate that the texture was created from this SharedTextureMemory.
MaybeError ValidateTextureCreatedFromSelf(TextureBase* texture);
SharedTextureMemoryBase(DeviceBase* device,
const char* label,
const SharedTextureMemoryProperties& properties);
SharedTextureMemoryBase(DeviceBase* device,
const SharedTextureMemoryDescriptor* descriptor,
ObjectBase::ErrorTag tag);
void DestroyImpl() override;
const SharedTextureMemoryProperties mProperties;
Ref<TextureBase> mCurrentAccess;
virtual Ref<SharedTextureMemoryContents> CreateContents();
ResultOrError<Ref<TextureBase>> CreateTexture(const TextureDescriptor* descriptor);
MaybeError BeginAccess(TextureBase* texture, const BeginAccessDescriptor* descriptor);
MaybeError EndAccess(TextureBase* texture, EndAccessState* state);
ResultOrError<FenceAndSignalValue> EndAccessInternal(TextureBase* texture,
EndAccessState* state);
virtual ResultOrError<Ref<TextureBase>> CreateTextureImpl(
const TextureDescriptor* descriptor) = 0;
// BeginAccessImpl validates the operation is valid on the backend, and performs any
// backend specific operations. It does NOT need to acquire begin fences; that is done in the
// frontend in BeginAccess.
virtual MaybeError BeginAccessImpl(TextureBase* texture,
const BeginAccessDescriptor* descriptor) = 0;
// EndAccessImpl validates the operation is valid on the backend, and returns the end fence.
virtual ResultOrError<FenceAndSignalValue> EndAccessImpl(TextureBase* texture) = 0;
Ref<SharedTextureMemoryContents> mContents;
// SharedTextureMemoryContents is a separate object because it needs to live as long as
// the SharedTextureMemory or any textures created from the SharedTextureMemory. This
// allows state and objects needed by the texture to persist after the
// SharedTextureMemory itself has been dropped.
class SharedTextureMemoryContents : public RefCounted {
using PendingFenceList = SharedTextureMemoryBase::PendingFenceList;
explicit SharedTextureMemoryContents(WeakRef<SharedTextureMemoryBase> sharedTextureMemory);
void AcquirePendingFences(PendingFenceList* fences);
// Set the last usage serial. This indicates when the SharedFence exported
// from APIEndAccess will complete.
void SetLastUsageSerial(ExecutionSerial lastUsageSerial);
ExecutionSerial GetLastUsageSerial() const;
const WeakRef<SharedTextureMemoryBase>& GetSharedTextureMemory() const;
friend class SharedTextureMemoryBase;
PendingFenceList mPendingFences;
ExecutionSerial mLastUsageSerial{0};
WeakRef<SharedTextureMemoryBase> mSharedTextureMemory;
} // namespace dawn::native