Rolling 2 dependencies

Roll third_party/vulkan-headers/ 09531f279..4c079bf40 (7 commits)

$ git log 09531f279..4c079bf40 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2020-07-07 oddhack Updates from @mark-lunarg
2020-07-05 oddhack Enumerate originating repository for all files in this repo.
2020-07-04 oddhack Update for Vulkan-Docs 1.2.146
2020-06-21 oddhack Update for Vulkan-Docs 1.2.145
2020-06-15 oddhack Update for Vulkan-Docs 1.2.144
2020-06-08 oddhack Update for Vulkan-Docs 1.2.143
2020-06-01 oddhack Update for Vulkan-Docs 1.2.142

Roll third_party/vulkan-validation-layers/ 31bdb2d43..e8b96e86f (144 commits)

$ git log 31bdb2d43..e8b96e86f --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2020-03-31 sam.walls tests: Add test for Arm perfdoc check 23
2020-03-31 sam.walls practices: Add passing implementation of Arm perfdoc check 23
2020-06-10 tony gpu: Check for enabled features
2020-07-01 tony layers: Use helper to pick spirv env
2020-06-30 s.fricke tests: Fix AHB Test not covering 02251
2020-06-27 s.fricke layers: Fix YCbCr Format VUIDs
2020-06-30 tony gpu: Remove incorrect descriptor set requirement
2020-06-22 tony layers: Add more custom border color checks
2020-06-22 tony gpu: Handle destroyed pipeline layout
2020-06-23 s.fricke tests: Add VUID 00995
2020-06-23 s.fricke layers: Add VUID 00995
2020-06-21 s.fricke tests: Add External Import handleType VUIDs
2020-06-21 s.fricke layers: Add External Import handleType VUIDs
2020-06-20 s.fricke tests: Add maxExtent VUIDs
2020-06-20 s.fricke layers: Add maxExtent VUIDs
2020-06-22 szilard.papp practices: Adding test for robustBufferAccess
2020-06-22 szilard.papp practices: Adding check for robustBufferAccess
2020-06-20 s.fricke layers: Label VUID 02251
2020-06-27 s.fricke tests: Add VK_EXT_astc_decode_mode
2020-06-27 s.fricke layers: Add VK_EXT_astc_decode_mode
2020-05-25 s.fricke layers: Add HDR ASTC formats
2020-06-25 tony tests: Fix unexpected custom border color error
2020-06-29 mark chassis: Fix inadvertant StateTracker VO state-sharing
2020-06-24 rgarcia corechecks: Use all locations for samplerYcbcrConversion
2020-06-29 dev docs Add reference to the --dir option
2020-06-29 dev docs: Fix CMake update_deps/build instructions
2020-06-24 rgarcia Use conversion format in some Ycbcr conversion VUs
2020-06-25 jeremyk layers: Fix vkCmdTraceRaysKHR VUID Mixup
2020-06-22 mark docs: Update with some new details
2020-06-01 mark docs: Added message limit to layer settings file
2020-06-18 mark tests: Add duplicate message limit test
2020-06-01 mark chassis: Add config steps for reading dup msg limits
2020-06-01 mark layers: Add duplicate message limit infrastructure
2020-06-23 mark corechecks: Prevent null ptr access for GetSwapchainImages
2020-06-22 lionel.g.landwerlin layers: Fix image creation checks with DRM modifiers
2020-06-18 s.fricke tests: Add RP potentialFormatFeature VUID
2020-06-14 s.fricke layers: Add RP potentialFormatFeature VUID
2020-06-23 shannon build: Change removed VUIDs to UNASSIGNED
2020-06-19 shannon build: Fix more VUID changes for 144 header update
2020-06-19 shannon build: Fix more mem barrier VUID inconsistencies
2020-06-19 shannon build: Address memory barrier VUID inconsistancies
2020-06-18 shannon build: Propogate genvk changes to ``
2020-06-18 shannon build: Address graphics pipeline VUID changes
2020-06-15 shannon build: Address memory barrier VUID changes
2020-06-12 shannon build: Clean up VUID consistency checks
2020-06-15 shannon build: Update known-good files for 1.2.145 header
2020-06-23 mark tests: Skip DRM image format modifier test on Mock ICD
2020-06-22 szilard.papp practices: Adding test for DethBias usage
2020-06-22 szilard.papp practices: Adding check for DethBias usage
2020-06-22 szilard.papp practices: Adding test for Presentation mode
2020-06-10 jzulauf layers: Allow EXTERNAL release acquire in same CB
2020-06-10 souravp tests:for BuildGeometryInfoKHR
2020-06-09 souravp layers:Add missing KHR build info tracker
2020-06-09 brucedawson layers: Adjust shared_mutex usage
2020-06-09 mark chassis: Add layer settings file info to layer status message
2020-06-09 mark layers: Add collection of info for layer settings file
2020-06-10 dsinclair scripts: Use named params for generator options
2020-06-10 mark tests: Remove vk_layer_settings.txt file
2020-06-06 s.fricke tests: Add VUID 01946
2020-06-06 s.fricke layers: Add VUID 01946
2020-06-07 souravp tests:Handles new rayTracing VUID
2020-06-07 souravp layers:Misc RayTracing VUID
2020-06-06 s.fricke tests: Add VUID 00336
2020-06-06 s.fricke layers: Add VUID 00336
2020-05-14 marcin.slusarz build: detect missing SPIRV_HEADERS_INSTALL_DIR at cmake time
2020-05-14 marcin.slusarz build: SPIRV-Tools and glsllang are 2 separate projects
2020-06-01 s.fricke tests: Validate VK_KHR_multiview features
2020-05-29 s.fricke layers: Validate VK_KHR_multiview features
2020-05-21 tony gpu: Record destroy of buffers and devices
2020-06-03 mark tests: Leave handle wrapping enabled at all times
2020-05-30 s.fricke layers: Label VUID 01386 and fix log messages
2020-06-03 s.fricke tests: Add YCbCr BufferImageCopy VUID
2020-05-28 s.fricke layers: Add YCbCr BufferImageCopy VUID
2020-06-02 tony tests: Test push descriptor image layout validation
2020-05-28 tony layers: Allow validation of push descriptors
2020-05-30 s.fricke layers: Label and fix Maintenance1 VUs
2020-06-03 mark practices: Avoid null pApplicationInfo deref
2020-06-02 christophe docs: Fix link to, issue #1902
2020-05-29 s.fricke layers: Add function name prefix to more logs
2020-06-01 mark chassis: Address non-const refs
2020-05-24 mark chassis: Properly use vk_safe_struct.cpp without including it
2020-05-22 mark chassis: Factor out some common parsing functions
2020-05-29 mark chassis: Load default callbacks earlier in CreateInstance
2020-05-28 s.fricke tests: Add extra VK_EXT_sample_location test
2020-05-28 s.fricke layers: Fix VK_EXT_sample_locations bug
2020-05-28 mark tests: Added test for VUID-VkFBCreateInfo-pAttachments-00891
2020-05-28 mark corechecks: Add FB check for depth-stencil 3D image/imageviews
2020-05-28 s.fricke tests: Add VUID 02840
2020-05-27 s.fricke layers: Add VUID 02840
2020-05-29 mark layers: Clean up some variable name formatting issues
2020-05-26 souravp tests: Implement test for raytracing VUIDs
2020-05-26 souravp layers: Raytracing VUIDs
2020-05-28 shannon build: Update known-good file for 1.2.141 SDK
2020-05-24 s.fricke layers: Label BindBuffer2 VUIDs
2020-05-25 shannon build: Update known-good files for 1.2.141 header
2020-05-24 s.fricke layers: Label 01720 and 01721
2020-05-26 s.fricke layers: Remove CB device tracking
2020-05-26 tony layers: Temp removal of check for border color feature
2020-05-24 s.fricke layers: Label BindMemory2 VUIDs
2020-05-26 ynovikov layers: Fix crash in ValidationStateTracker::PreCallRecordDestroySampler

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Dawn, a WebGPU implementation

Dawn is an open-source and cross-platform implementation of the work-in-progress WebGPU standard. More precisely it implements webgpu.h that is a one-to-one mapping with the WebGPU IDL. Dawn is meant to be integrated as part of a larger system and is the underlying implementation of WebGPU in Chromium.

Dawn provides several WebGPU building blocks:

  • WebGPU C/C++ headers that applications and other building blocks use.
    • The webgpu.h version that Dawn implements.
    • A C++ wrapper for the webgpu.h.
  • A “native” implementation of WebGPU using platforms' GPU APIs:
    • D3D12 on Windows 10
    • Metal on macOS and iOS
    • Vulkan on Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Android and Fuchsia
    • OpenGL as best effort where available
  • A client-server implementation of WebGPU for applications that are in a sandbox without access to native drivers

Helpful links:

Documentation table of content

Developer documentation:

User documentation: (TODO, figure out what overlaps with webgpu.h docs)




Apache 2.0 Public License, please see LICENSE.


This is not an officially supported Google product.