Roll ANGLE from 871878352630 to aefb2a99ebb5 (11 revisions)

2022-04-14 vulkan: Call glFinish in VulkanHelper destructor
2022-04-14 Roll VK-GL-CTS from 20a474e64382 to 2748d45ebbb4 (1 revision)
2022-04-14 Translator: Drop const from opaque parameter types
2022-04-14 Suppress flaky end2end failures on Mac/NVIDIA/OpenGL
2022-04-14 Tests: Add Special Forces Group 2 trace.
2022-04-14 Fix OOB problem in validationES.{h,cpp}
2022-04-14 doc/DevSetup: Add Visual Studio Installer hint.
2022-04-14 Roll SwiftShader from 011bba68c819 to 1d450ae99a0f (4 revisions)
2022-04-14 GN: Fix util target when X11 not enabled
2022-04-14 Add src/tests/py_utils/ for utils, angle_path_util for imports.
2022-04-14 Roll Chromium from 61150a1970a3 to e6765ea8299f (515 revisions)

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Bug: None
Change-Id: If9a4bc94b93246f969321eedfecf41fcceb388a0
Bot-Commit: Dawn Autoroller <>
Commit-Queue: Dawn Autoroller <>
diff --git a/DEPS b/DEPS
index 4cc14f9..79aec98 100644
--- a/DEPS
+++ b/DEPS
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@
   'third_party/angle': {
-    'url': '{chromium_git}/angle/angle@8718783526307a3fbb35d4c1ad4e8101262a0d73',
+    'url': '{chromium_git}/angle/angle@aefb2a99ebb598c7b3530056ef3d030b5c4f0115',
     'condition': 'dawn_standalone',