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# Copyright 2018 The Dawn Authors
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
if (build_with_chromium) {
dawn_use_x11 = ozone_platform_x11
dawn_use_wayland = false
} else {
declare_args() {
# Whether Dawn should enable X11 support.
dawn_use_x11 = is_linux && !is_chromeos
dawn_use_wayland = false
# Enable the compilation for UWP
dawn_is_winuwp = is_win && target_os == "winuwp"
declare_args() {
# TODO(dawn:1545): Re-enable dawn_use_angle on Android. In non-component
# builds, this is adding a dependency on ANGLE's and
#, apparently without regard for the use_static_angle=true
# GN variable. Chromium's linker on Android disallows production of more
# than one shared object per target (?).
dawn_use_angle = !is_android
# Enables SwiftShader as the fallback adapter. Requires dawn_swiftshader_dir
# to be set to take effect.
# TODO(dawn:1536): Enable SwiftShader for Android.
dawn_use_swiftshader = !is_android
declare_args() {
# Enable Dawn's ASSERTs even in release builds
dawn_always_assert = false
# Should the Dawn static libraries be fully linked vs. GN's default of
# treating them as source sets. This is useful for people using Dawn
# standalone to produce static libraries to use in their projects.
dawn_complete_static_libs = false
# Enables the compilation of Dawn's D3D12 backend
dawn_enable_d3d12 = is_win
# Enables the compilation of Dawn's Metal backend
dawn_enable_metal = is_mac
# Enables the compilation of Dawn's Null backend
# (required for unittests, obviously non-conformant)
dawn_enable_null = true
# Enables the compilation of Dawn's OpenGL backend
# (best effort, non-conformant)
dawn_enable_desktop_gl = is_linux && !is_chromeos
# Enables the compilation of Dawn's OpenGLES backend
# (WebGPU/Compat subset)
# Disables OpenGLES when compiling for UWP, since UWP only supports d3d
dawn_enable_opengles =
(is_linux && !is_chromeos) || (is_win && !dawn_is_winuwp)
# Enables the compilation of Dawn's Vulkan backend
# Disables vulkan when compiling for UWP, since UWP only supports d3d
dawn_enable_vulkan = is_linux || is_chromeos || (is_win && !dawn_is_winuwp) ||
is_fuchsia || is_android || dawn_use_swiftshader
# Enables error injection for faking failures to native API calls
dawn_enable_error_injection =
is_debug || (build_with_chromium && use_fuzzing_engine)
# GN does not allow reading a variable defined in the same declare_args().
# Put them in two separate declare_args() when setting the value of one
# argument based on another.
declare_args() {
# Uses our built version of the Vulkan validation layers
dawn_enable_vulkan_validation_layers =
dawn_enable_vulkan && ((is_linux && !is_chromeos) || is_win || is_mac)
# Uses our built version of the Vulkan loader on platforms where we can't
# assume to have one present at the system level.
dawn_enable_vulkan_loader =
dawn_enable_vulkan && (is_mac || (is_linux && !is_android))
# Disable SPIR-V validation on Android because it adds a significant amount
# to the binary size, and Tint's output should be well-formed.
dawn_enable_spirv_validation = dawn_enable_vulkan && !is_android
# UWP only supports CoreWindow for windowing
dawn_supports_glfw_for_windowing =
(is_win && !dawn_is_winuwp) || (is_linux && !is_chromeos) || is_mac
# Much of the GL backend code is shared, so define a convenience var.
dawn_enable_opengl = dawn_enable_opengles || dawn_enable_desktop_gl