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{{- /*
Template file for use with tools/src/cmd/gen to generate interpolate_attribute.h
* tools/src/cmd/gen for structures used by this template
* for documentation on the template syntax
*/ -}}
{{- Import "src/tint/templates/" -}}
#include <ostream>
#include <string>
#include "src/tint/ast/attribute.h"
namespace tint::ast {
/// The interpolation type.
{{ Eval "DeclareEnum" (Sem.Enum "interpolation_type") }}
/// The interpolation sampling.
{{ Eval "DeclareEnum" (Sem.Enum "interpolation_sampling") }}
/// An interpolate attribute
class InterpolateAttribute final : public Castable<InterpolateAttribute, Attribute> {
/// Create an interpolate attribute.
/// @param pid the identifier of the program that owns this node
/// @param nid the unique node identifier
/// @param src the source of this node
/// @param type the interpolation type
/// @param sampling the interpolation sampling
InterpolateAttribute(ProgramID pid,
NodeID nid,
const Source& src,
InterpolationType type,
InterpolationSampling sampling);
~InterpolateAttribute() override;
/// @returns the WGSL name for the attribute
std::string Name() const override;
/// Clones this node and all transitive child nodes using the `CloneContext`
/// `ctx`.
/// @param ctx the clone context
/// @return the newly cloned node
const InterpolateAttribute* Clone(CloneContext* ctx) const override;
/// The interpolation type
const InterpolationType type;
/// The interpolation sampling
const InterpolationSampling sampling;
} // namespace tint::ast