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  - 451eee0fed2aba9892adddf692f61dfb00956856 tint: Stub intrinsic @const evaluation by Ben Clayton <>
  - e0cd855aa26fc8409597025e938c3d955622a400 tint/writer/spirv: Tweak builtin tests to use 'var's by Ben Clayton <>
  - e3e91c0d751efae1582e272e1f1f85a8a7454d4a tools: intrinsic-gen - [[decoration]] -> @attribute by Ben Clayton <>
  - 0d757d2fad1bdc682f794455b90828c2b3fe7193 tint/resolver: Enable abstract-numerics by Ben Clayton <>
  - e593585e2114d3937b7e4d21992dbd79cce5db9b tint/transform: Remove FoldConstants by Ben Clayton <>
  - a20ef0c0f137c18872d9266b6082fc734f9fa035 tint/sem: Fix Constant constructor with initializer_list by Ben Clayton <>
  - 8e3485248e5d345c168208770279a33d5f09731a tint/writer/spirv: Inline constant expressions by Ben Clayton <>
  - 609ce6de8d005fc554a314e2a8251a764b893ad9 tint/sem: Consider sign bit for Constant helpers. by Ben Clayton <>
  - e9f8b09063742796695b400a667d44e7260ade6d tint/writer/hlsl: Inline constant expressions by Ben Clayton <>
  - 84b48cf30cf42e8a74903d3dd28f0a28380ae076 Tint: num_workgroups use free binding group if not specif... by Zhaoming Jiang <>
  - cb6ddd2aa69f1327e0a7b18b7937d65c2a07b0d1 tint/writer/msl: Inline constant expressions by Ben Clayton <>
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Note: This repo is read-only, minimized mirror of the Dawn repo.

Tint changes should be made in the Dawn repo.

Tint is a compiler for the WebGPU Shader Language (WGSL).

This is not an officially supported Google product.


  • Git
  • CMake (3.10.2 or later)
  • Ninja (or other build tool)
  • Python, for fetching dependencies
  • depot_tools in your path

Build options

  • TINT_BUILD_SPV_READER : enable the SPIR-V input reader (off by default)
  • TINT_BUILD_WGSL_READER : enable the WGSL input reader (on by default)
  • TINT_BUILD_SPV_WRITER : enable the SPIR-V output writer (on by default)
  • TINT_BUILD_WGSL_WRITER : enable the WGSL output writer (on by default)
  • TINT_BUILD_FUZZERS : enable building fuzzzers (off by default)


Tint uses Chromium dependency management so you need to install depot_tools and add it to your PATH.

Getting source & dependencies

# Clone the repo as "tint"
git clone tint
cd tint

# Bootstrap the gclient configuration
cp standalone.gclient .gclient

# Fetch external dependencies and toolchains with gclient
gclient sync

Compiling using CMake + Ninja

mkdir -p out/Debug
cd out/Debug
cmake -GNinja ../..
ninja # or autoninja

Compiling using CMake + make

mkdir -p out/Debug
cd out/Debug
cmake ../..
make # -j N for N-way parallel build

Compiling using gn + ninja

mkdir -p out/Debug
gn gen out/Debug
autoninja -C out/Debug

Fuzzers on MacOS

If you are attempting fuzz, using TINT_BUILD_FUZZERS=ON, the version of llvm in the XCode SDK does not have the needed libfuzzer functionality included.

The build error that you will see from using the XCode SDK will look something like this:

ld: file not found:/Applications/

The solution to this problem is to use a full version llvm, like what you would get via homebrew, brew install llvm, and use something like CC=<path to full clang> cmake .. to setup a build using that toolchain.

Checking [chromium-style] issues in CMake builds

The gn based work flow uses the Chromium toolchain for building in anticipation of integration of Tint into Chromium based projects. This toolchain has additional plugins for checking for style issues, which are marked with [chromium-style] in log messages. This means that this toolchain is more strict then the default clang toolchain.

In the future we will have a CQ that will build this work flow and flag issues automatically. Until that is in place, to avoid causing breakages you can run the [chromium-style] checks using the CMake based work flows. This requires setting CC to the version of clang checked out by gclient sync and setting the TINT_CHECK_CHROMIUM_STYLE to ON.

mkdir -p out/style
cd out/style
cmake ../..
CC=../../third_party/llvm-build/Release+Asserts/bin/clang cmake -DTINT_CHECK_CHROMIUM_STYLE=ON ../../ # add -GNinja for ninja builds


Please file any issues or feature requests at


Please see the contributing guide in the Dawn repo.