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// Copyright 2019 The Dawn Authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "dawn_native/metal/UtilsMetal.h"
#include "dawn_native/CommandBuffer.h"
#include "common/Assert.h"
namespace dawn_native { namespace metal {
MTLCompareFunction ToMetalCompareFunction(wgpu::CompareFunction compareFunction) {
switch (compareFunction) {
case wgpu::CompareFunction::Never:
return MTLCompareFunctionNever;
case wgpu::CompareFunction::Less:
return MTLCompareFunctionLess;
case wgpu::CompareFunction::LessEqual:
return MTLCompareFunctionLessEqual;
case wgpu::CompareFunction::Greater:
return MTLCompareFunctionGreater;
case wgpu::CompareFunction::GreaterEqual:
return MTLCompareFunctionGreaterEqual;
case wgpu::CompareFunction::NotEqual:
return MTLCompareFunctionNotEqual;
case wgpu::CompareFunction::Equal:
return MTLCompareFunctionEqual;
case wgpu::CompareFunction::Always:
return MTLCompareFunctionAlways;
case wgpu::CompareFunction::Undefined:
TextureBufferCopySplit ComputeTextureBufferCopySplit(const Texture* texture,
uint32_t mipLevel,
Origin3D origin,
Extent3D copyExtent,
uint64_t bufferSize,
uint64_t bufferOffset,
uint32_t bytesPerRow,
uint32_t rowsPerImage,
Aspect aspect) {
TextureBufferCopySplit copy;
const Format textureFormat = texture->GetFormat();
const TexelBlockInfo& blockInfo = textureFormat.GetAspectInfo(aspect).block;
// When copying textures from/to an unpacked buffer, the Metal validation layer doesn't
// compute the correct range when checking if the buffer is big enough to contain the
// data for the whole copy. Instead of looking at the position of the last texel in the
// buffer, it computes the volume of the 3D box with bytesPerRow * (rowsPerImage /
// format.blockHeight) * copySize.depthOrArrayLayers. For example considering the pixel
// buffer below where in memory, each row data (D) of the texture is followed by some
// padding data (P):
// The last pixel read will be A, but the driver will think it is the whole last padding
// row, causing it to generate an error when the pixel buffer is just big enough.
// We work around this limitation by detecting when Metal would complain and copy the
// last image and row separately using tight sourceBytesPerRow or sourceBytesPerImage.
uint32_t bytesPerImage = bytesPerRow * rowsPerImage;
// Metal validation layer requires that if the texture's pixel format is a compressed
// format, the sourceSize must be a multiple of the pixel format's block size or be
// clamped to the edge of the texture if the block extends outside the bounds of a
// texture.
const Extent3D clampedCopyExtent =
texture->ClampToMipLevelVirtualSize(mipLevel, origin, copyExtent);
ASSERT(texture->GetDimension() != wgpu::TextureDimension::e1D);
// Check whether buffer size is big enough.
bool needWorkaround =
bufferSize - bufferOffset < bytesPerImage * copyExtent.depthOrArrayLayers;
if (!needWorkaround) {
copy.count = 1;
copy.copies[0].bufferOffset = bufferOffset;
copy.copies[0].bytesPerRow = bytesPerRow;
copy.copies[0].bytesPerImage = bytesPerImage;
copy.copies[0].textureOrigin = origin;
copy.copies[0].copyExtent = {clampedCopyExtent.width, clampedCopyExtent.height,
return copy;
uint64_t currentOffset = bufferOffset;
// Doing all the copy except the last image.
if (copyExtent.depthOrArrayLayers > 1) {
copy.copies[copy.count].bufferOffset = currentOffset;
copy.copies[copy.count].bytesPerRow = bytesPerRow;
copy.copies[copy.count].bytesPerImage = bytesPerImage;
copy.copies[copy.count].textureOrigin = origin;
copy.copies[copy.count].copyExtent = {clampedCopyExtent.width, clampedCopyExtent.height,
copyExtent.depthOrArrayLayers - 1};
// Update offset to copy to the last image.
currentOffset += (copyExtent.depthOrArrayLayers - 1) * bytesPerImage;
// Doing all the copy in last image except the last row.
uint32_t copyBlockRowCount = copyExtent.height / blockInfo.height;
if (copyBlockRowCount > 1) {
copy.copies[copy.count].bufferOffset = currentOffset;
copy.copies[copy.count].bytesPerRow = bytesPerRow;
copy.copies[copy.count].bytesPerImage = bytesPerRow * (copyBlockRowCount - 1);
copy.copies[copy.count].textureOrigin = {origin.x, origin.y,
origin.z + copyExtent.depthOrArrayLayers - 1};
ASSERT(copyExtent.height - blockInfo.height <
copy.copies[copy.count].copyExtent = {clampedCopyExtent.width,
copyExtent.height - blockInfo.height, 1};
// Update offset to copy to the last row.
currentOffset += (copyBlockRowCount - 1) * bytesPerRow;
// Doing the last row copy with the exact number of bytes in last row.
// Workaround this issue in a way just like the copy to a 1D texture.
uint32_t lastRowDataSize = (copyExtent.width / blockInfo.width) * blockInfo.byteSize;
uint32_t lastRowCopyExtentHeight =
blockInfo.height + clampedCopyExtent.height - copyExtent.height;
ASSERT(lastRowCopyExtentHeight <= blockInfo.height);
copy.copies[copy.count].bufferOffset = currentOffset;
copy.copies[copy.count].bytesPerRow = lastRowDataSize;
copy.copies[copy.count].bytesPerImage = lastRowDataSize;
copy.copies[copy.count].textureOrigin = {origin.x,
origin.y + copyExtent.height - blockInfo.height,
origin.z + copyExtent.depthOrArrayLayers - 1};
copy.copies[copy.count].copyExtent = {clampedCopyExtent.width, lastRowCopyExtentHeight, 1};
return copy;
void EnsureDestinationTextureInitialized(CommandRecordingContext* commandContext,
Texture* texture,
const TextureCopy& dst,
const Extent3D& size) {
ASSERT(texture == dst.texture.Get());
SubresourceRange range = GetSubresourcesAffectedByCopy(dst, size);
if (IsCompleteSubresourceCopiedTo(dst.texture.Get(), size, dst.mipLevel)) {
texture->SetIsSubresourceContentInitialized(true, range);
} else {
texture->EnsureSubresourceContentInitialized(commandContext, range);
MTLBlitOption ComputeMTLBlitOption(const Format& format, Aspect aspect) {
ASSERT(format.aspects & aspect);
if (IsSubset(Aspect::Depth | Aspect::Stencil, format.aspects)) {
// We only provide a blit option if the format has both depth and stencil.
// It is invalid to provide a blit option otherwise.
switch (aspect) {
case Aspect::Depth:
return MTLBlitOptionDepthFromDepthStencil;
case Aspect::Stencil:
return MTLBlitOptionStencilFromDepthStencil;
return MTLBlitOptionNone;
}} // namespace dawn_native::metal